ONLINE COURSE | Oriental dance in details

31.03.2021 | Kathreen

10 LESSONS (10×90 minutes)

Beautiful details in the dance. More info here.


09.03.2021 | Kathreen

4 LESSONS (4×75 minutes)

Let our hips speak! :) More info here.

ONLINE COURSE | Ballet Oriental

07.02.2021 | Kathreen

4 LESSONS (4×60 minut)

Online dance course dedicated to the poetic connection of ballet with the Orient! More info here.

ONLINE COURSE | Let's Saiidi!

07.02.2021 | Kathreen

4 LESSONS (4×60 minut)

Welcome a little oriental folklore at home! And don't worry, we will also dance with a stick, but instead you can choose a space-saving wooden spoon! More info here.

ONLINE COURSE | Find your rhythm!

30.12.2020 | Kathreen

3 LESSONS (3×60 minutes)

Dance combinations, listening and analysis of music and many beautiful inspirations. More info here.

ONLINE COURSE | Oriental playground vol. 2

29.12.2020 | Kathreen

3 LESSONS (3×60 minutes)

Let's be playful again. More info here.

ONLINE COURSE | Christmas package

20.12.2020 | Kathreen

3 LESSONS (3×40 minutes)

Three Christmas Czech remixed songs. More info here.

ONLINE COURSE | Oriental drill & chill

22.11.2020 | Kathreen

3 LESSONS (3×60 minutes)

Warm-up and technique (20 minutes), dance combinations accompanied by music (20 minutes) and final relaxation and stretching (20 minutes). More info here.

ONLINE COURSE | Oriental playground

21.11.2020 | Kathreen

3 LESSONS (3×60 minutes)

Creatively playful and improvisational combinations for your body and mind! :) More info here.

ONLINE COURSE | Magic of oriental interpretation

13.11.2020 | Kathreen

14 LESSONS (14×90 minutes)

Colorful interpretation of classical, modern and folk songs and endless inspiration! More info here.

ONLINE COURSE | Lyrical modern song

11.11.2020 | Kathreen

3 LESSONS (3×60 minutes)

Let your emotions flow accompanied by modern romantic oriental music! Dance technique, emotional choreography and expressions. More info here.

ONLINE COURSE | Soulful hands & arms

10.11.2020 | Kathreen

3 LESSONS (3×60 minutes)

Get to know the beauty of oriental hands and arms, their positions, postures, guidance, continuity and coordination. Many interesting ideas for the natural expression of emotions during your dance. More info here.

ONLINE COURSE| Shimmy, please!

09.11.2020 | Kathreen

3 LESSONS (3×60 minutes)

Three lessons full of shimmy inspiration! Tips and tricks, shimmy technique and combinations, inspiration for your own creativity and drum solo choreography. More info here.

ONLINE COURSE | Baladi with cane

08.11.2020 | Kathreen

3 LESSONS (3×60 minutes)

Juicy baladi combinations and taksim baladi with the cane (for home we can choose a wooden spoon). :) More info here.

ONLINE COURSE | Oriental dance & creativity

01.11.2020 | Kathreen

9 LESSONS (9×80 minutes) 

Endless oriental inspiration. More info here.